At Inspire Academy, we are committed to providing a purposeful and stimulating curriculum that fully prepares the children for the next steps in their learning and opens the doors to the wider world. We want to teach our children to develop a love of History and aim to do this through inspiring in pupils a curiosity and fascination to find out about Britain’s past, extending this to discovering more about the History of the wider world and encompassing the process of change throughout History. We seek to do this through deepening children’s understanding and providing them with transferable skills that can be used across the curriculum and outside of school.

Useful Websites

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2 All Year Groups
BBC Bitesize – Exciting Explorers

BBC Bitesize – Astonishing Activists

BBC Bitesize – Monarchs and Leaders

BBC Bitesize – Mary Seacole







BBC Bitesize – KS2 History

BBC Bitesize – Stone Age

BBC Bitesize – Romans

BBC Bitesize – Anglo-Saxons

History for Kids – Ancient Egyptians

BBC Bitesize – Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece – Daily Life

BBC Bitesize – The Vikings

18th Century – Design a Wig

BBC Bitesize – WW2

Horrible Histories: Awesome Women

The British Museum – 100 objects

World and British History for Kids

Primary Historical Association

History for Kids






History Three I's

History Three I's

History Progression

History Progression

History Long Term Plan

History Long Term Plan

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