Our Values and Ethos

Our Mission
It is our mission to provide an educational journey and experience that is second to none, to be a beacon in our communities and to leave our children and families with the lasting impact of a fulfilled potential and a lifelong love of learning.In providing excellent educational services we aim to become the school of choice in our local area and provide a place where children can thrive educationally and personally day after day.
Our Vision
We believe in aspiration for all. This means nurturing, supporting and developing every aspect of every single child in our care.
We want to create a world where the sky is the limit for all of our pupils; building pathways for all and focusing on personal and academic success and eventually progress to successful employment. 
Our Values
  • Inspiring – Encouraging all to be as creative and motivating as possible;
  • Discovering – Seeking opportunities to expand knowledge and experience;
  • Caring – Providing support and guidance for the whole school community;
  • Improving – Striving to better ourselves at all times; and
  • Achieving – Teaching to attain aspirational targets.

For our pupils this means

  • Inspiring – making somebody else want to do something positive;
  • Discovering – finding out about our world we live in;
  • Caring – looking after each other and thinking about others;
  • Improving – getting better at things because we keep trying; and
  • Achieving – getting something by working hard for it.

Children are rewarded with Dojo Points for good behaviour e.g.  working hard, being a kind friend, following instructions, etc.  They are also given Dojo Points for showing our school values – Inspiring, Discovering, Caring, Improving and Achieving.  Dojo Points are recorded in the Dojo website.
Children who achieve 100 Dojo Points in a term are rewarded with an in-school reward at the end of each term. In addition to this, the top 20% achieving the most Dojos in each class will receive an additional reward for going above and beyond.

Please click here to view our Trust Vision and Values.