• Dark grey skirt, shorts or trousers together with a light blue polo-shirt (with or without the Academy logo) and dark blue academy sweatshirt or cardigan with the Academy logo.
  • In summer full blue and white gingham summer dresses or playsuits may be worn. Dresses and playsuits with a white top and/or accessories are not uniform and therefore not permitted.
  • Black shoes – sensible and safe without flashing heels.
  • Tights or socks should be plain in either white, grey or black.  No patterns or characters.
  • Girls wishing to wear headscarves may do so and these should be plain and dark in colour.

Pupils can wear plain light blue polo-shirts (available from most supermarkets, etc) or those embroidered with the Inspire emblem however we do stipulate that jumpers and/or cardigans are the official Inspire Academy embroidered uniform.

The Academy requirements in connection with pupils hair is as follows:

  • All hair of any length must be tied back at all times.
  • Bows/bobbles/clips/hairbands should be in the Academy colours.
  • No embellishments or glitter.
  • Hair styles should be appropriate and not extreme. Extreme hair styles include weaves, hair extensions, hair pieces, donut bun rings, patterns in hair, hair dye/chalks, severe difference in length across the hair style (Mohican/partly shaved), braiding’s (unless for cultural reasons).

Our policy for pupils wearing jewellery is that pupils may wear a watch and one pair of plain studs only whilst at the Academy.

Our policy for pupils wearing make-up is that make-up including nail varnish and lip gloss should not be worn to the Academy.  Temporary tattoos should also not be worn to the Academy.

In addition to the Academy uniform above pupils are required to wear PE kit for games as follows:

  • Black or navy sport shorts and a plain white t-shirt
  • Black or navy joggers / leggings and a plain white t-shirt for outdoor, winter PE
  • A pair of pumps or trainers without flashing heels

If you have any queries please contact the Academy office.

You can find a copy of our Uniform Policy here.

The Academy uniform can be purchased from our online uniform supplier Gooddies Limited and our school office.
You can access the Gooddies online store by going to https://www.gooddies.co.uk/

Orders placed before the 15th of the month will be delivered by the end of the same month and orders place by the last day of a month will be delivered by the middle of the next month.

Gooddies Limited orders are delivered free to school or to a home address for a fee.