Pastoral Care at Inspire Academy

Welcome to our Pastoral Page

For staff at Inspire Academy, your child’s wellbeing and mental health is an ongoing priority. We
think the resources on this page are useful for you to support your child’s mental health at home. We strongly encourage you to let us know if you have concerns about your child’s wellbeing and to ask your child’s class teacher about further support if you feel your child needs it.

If your child is already accessing pastoral care in any of my groups, you can contact us directly on


Mr. Le Duc and Miss Kershaw

Maths Monkey's Links for Pupils

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Here are some useful tips to support your child if they are experiencing anxiety.

Young Mind’s Guide to Supporting Your Child with Anxiety
BBC Seven Techniques for Keeping Your Child Calm

and tips on what phrases are most comforting to a child experiencing anxiety by the brilliant Pooky
Knightsmith. Her channel is worth a browse, with lots of videos on supporting children and young
people with their mental health for parents and carers:

Top phrases for calming anxious children

Zones of Regulation

A video in which our emotional regulation scheme for KS2 is explained further, and a video on how you could use the scheme at home are listed below.

Teaching children how to manage their emotions is a key adult skill. No emotions are ‘bad’
emotions. What matters is how you deal with them and express them. The zones help your child to recognise when they are becoming overwhelmed by their emotions and encourages them to create their own Zones Toolbox.

Zones of Regulation Explained
How to Use the Zones at Home


Excellent guidance for supporting bereaved and grieving children can be found here:

Child Bereavement UK

Other useful links

Other links

If you or your child are struggling and need outside support, help is out there. Here are Tameside
council’s links to local mental health support, as well as an online chat and helpline for parents who worry about their child’s mental health provided by Young Minds.

Tameside Mental Health Support
Young Minds Helpline

And finally a charming website for young people and adults that provides CBT based activities if you struggle with your mental health in other ways. After the video there is a short questionnaire to decide which exercises are best for you.

Video – When the Tension Goes

Online Safety

Here are some tips to make sure your child is safe online and when gaming:

A handy guide to setting up parental controls on your internet at home here

A fun and engaging online course for children who have asked for their own phone here; Have they got the skills to be safe online?

A website that shows how suitable games and apps are not just based on PEGI ratings but other factors such as messaging options here