Our Aims of the Curriculum

Our Vision


It is our mission to provide an educational journey and experience that is second to none, to be a beacon in our communities and to leave our children and families with the lasting impact of a fulfilled potential and a lifelong love of learning. In providing excellent educational services we aim to become the school of choice in our local area and provide a place where children can thrive educationally and personally day after day.


We believe in aspiration for all. This means nurturing, supporting and developing every aspect of every single child in our care.
We want to create a world where the sky is the limit for all of our pupils; building pathways for all and focusing on personal and academic success and eventually progress to successful employment.

Trust and School Values

  • Inspiring – Encouraging all to be as creative and motivating as possible;
  • Discovering – Seeking opportunities to expand knowledge and experience;
  • Caring – Providing support and guidance for the whole school community;
  • Improving – Striving to better ourselves at all times; and
  • Achieving – Teaching to attain aspirational targets.


Drivers – What underpins our curriculum?

  1. The Power of Reading: Reading for learning and for pleasure as a way of life, a tool for education and to embed rich knowledge. We recognise reading as the key to all other learning, to empathy and wider understanding and experiences
  2. The Importance of Key Skills – Although we will not always have the answer, we will promote and support the drive, confidence and independence that supports us to know where to find it. Feeling armed with key skills gives us power.
  3. The Importance of Life Skills – Promoting Wellbeing, Independence, Resilience and Fulfilment. We want to enhance all types of talents skills and abilities especially those practical and life skills that will support us as we go out into the world.
  4. Instilling Knowledge and Passion for Learning – Creating excited learners who talk knowledgeably and confidently, understand purpose and make links to other curriculum areas and wider life. Knowledge is power and it helps us to make sense of our world.
  5. Being Safe and Secure – Knowing that it is important to be and to feel safe and secure. We need awareness of the world around us and how to navigate it successfully and safely.

Our curriculum seeks to develop the ‘Whole Child’ and to embody our school values. It is carefully planned, tailored, progressive and aspirational.

It ensures learning that contextualises, makes links in learning and in life, addresses cultural deficit and gaps in knowledge and experience, and that ultimately equips our children for the next stage of education and for life beyond education.

We have a clear curriculum vision and we are aligned behind that vision to ensure that all children achieve their absolute potential regardless of the background or context from which they come or their challenges and barriers. Everything we do will we hope contribute to our children being balanced, fulfilled, successful, knowledgeable, kind and ambitious citizens.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum which can be found by clicking the links:

Primary National Curriculum

Parents Complete Guide: National Curriculum


How will we deliver our curriculum and why?

Relationships – Successful , positive relationships, high expectations and good adult and peer role models allow a calm, respectful, positive environment in which for our children to learn about, consider and question the world around them. All pupils and all learning and contributions are respected and celebrated.

National Curriculum – Planning is creative and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. Pupils have the opportunity to contribute to curriculum learning and experiences through pupil voice.

Enhanced Curriculum – A series of well-planned experiences, trips, community links, skills workshops and opportunities for expression enhance pupil’s learning and help pupils to develop their understanding of where their learning fits and is relevant in the world.

Starting and Finishing Well and Continued Learning – Exciting starters and experiences are used to start  topics, to immediately engage learners, encourage questions and independent interest and initiative. Learning is reviewed and consolidated and children are encouraged to refer to prior learning and to use learning to help them contextualise their world.

Growth Mindset and Self-Regulation –Children are rewarded for being self motivated and hard working. Mistakes are regarded as part of our learning and children are encouraged to use these as reflection points for future success. Children are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully whilst also feeling confident to question what they do not understand.


What will be the impact on and for our pupils and community?

Pupils will leave Inspire Academy with a secure understanding of the academic content and of how to begin to use what they know effectively. They will be responsible, kind, driven, aspirational and morally, socially and culturally aware.

They will know that they have the knowledge and power with them to make positive changes to themselves, their lives, their families and their community.

They will have all the tools they need to be happy, successful and compassionate.

They will see the value of learning and education and they will be open to learning in a variety of ways throughout their lives.