Our Aims of the Curriculum

Our aim is to equip our children with the appetite, passion for learning and embedded knowledge that will begin make their world make sense, cause them to investigate and ask pertinent questions and to begin to shape their lives and future.

For them to make connections, be ambitious for themselves and be independent in their approach to becoming driven, excited and accomplished learners.

Inspire Academy Key Curriculum Drivers

  1. Reading, reading, reading – as a way of life, a tool for learning and embedding rich knowledge. Reading for pleasure is the biggest single indicator of a child’s future success, regardless of parental wealth, background or education. Taught and encouraged properly, reading can and will ensure that ALL children have the chance to reach and exceed their dreams and potential.
  1. Key Skills – Not always having the answer but having the drive, confidence and independence and knowing how/ where to find it.
  2. Life Skills – Promoting wellbeing, independence, resilience and fulfilment within and across all areas.
  3. Knowledge and Passion for learning – excited learners who talk knowledgeably and confidently, understand purpose and make links to other curriculum areas and to wider/ life context.

Underpinned by the National Curriculum our curriculum ensures that essential key skills are taught across a broad and balanced range of subjects. The curriculum is delivered through an effective combination of teacher delivery, pupil interaction, teacher led activities and pupils’ active learning. Cross-curricular thematic learning is incorporated where possible to add fluidity to pupils’ learning and homework is presented at an appropriate level for each year group and consists of consolidation and practice of classroom learning which can be accessed easily out of school.

The teaching of English and Maths basic skills is a thread throughout all subjects and classroom activities provide opportunities for the application of these skills. Active learning and practical based investigation within all subjects is encouraged wherever possible to increase pupils’ sense of awe and wonder and to promote positive learning behaviours and responsibility for self-development.

Each half term, each class partakes in a wider opportunities session linked in with their current learning, which allows pupils to be fully immersed in their learning. This can be in the form of a trip, a themed topic day, a visitor or a CoJo session. These days are also a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to build on life skills such as resilience, teamwork, determination and problem solving.

As pupils progress through Key Stage 2 the prevalence of open ended tasks will become greater in order to challenge thinking and to prepare pupils for secondary education. Giving the children more opportunities to become independent and responsible in their learning will be a key factor within lessons.

We teach reading through systematic phonics as well as a wealth of opportunities to explore a wide range of literature and develop comprehension and love of reading. At Inspire, the love of books and reading is something that is deeply rooted from a young age and something which is promoted throughout the school. Opportunities for the children to read are incorporated into every lesson ensuring every child have the potential to thrive.

Where children have gaps in learning, staff work closely with them through additional support and interventions in order to close those gaps and improve ability and confidence for all children.

Each half term, children will receive class targets to support their learning and address any gaps in knowledge. These will be shared with the child and it is expected that parents, as well as school, will support in the children achieving their targets.