Welcome to Year 1

Long Term Plan


Year One Long Term Plan


Year 1 Key Information

Teacher 1A:   Mrs Lister                     Email: dlister@victoriousacademies.org

Teachers 1B: Miss Naylor and Miss Hewitt                 Email: khewitt@victoriousacademies.org

 Email: enaylor@victoriousacademies.org

Twitter:  @Mrs_Lister23    @MissHewit    @MissNaylor_IA

Spellings:  We have a weekly spelling test every Monday

PE days:  Autumn 1 – Mondays and Fridays

Autumn 2 – Mondays and Tuesdays (1A) / Wednesdays and Thursdays (1B)

Spring 1 – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Spring 2 – Thursdays and Fridays (1A) / Wednesdays and Fridays (1B)

Summer 1 – Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Summer 2 – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Forest School:  Autumn 1 – 27th September and 4th October (you will be advised nearer the time which date is for 1A and which date is for 1B)

Autumn 2 – 22nd November (rearranged from 29th November which is now the date of our trip) and 6th December; you will be advised nearer the time which date is for 1A and which date is for 1B)

What’s happening in Autumn term?

In Autumn 1 we will be learning all about the United Kingdom! We will explore maps, find out about each capital city and we will taste some traditional foods.  In Science we will be learning all about our 5 senses.






In Autumn 2 we will be focusing upon a range of different Traditional Tales to help us develop our sentence writing. Closer to Christmas, we will be focusing on a short narrative called ‘Sprout Boy’. Our History topic ‘Changes within living memory’ will focus on comparing life now to life within the past 100 years. Our Science focus will be ‘Seasonal Changes’ where we start to observe our environment over time. In Maths, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction within 10.

What’s happening in Spring term?

During Spring 1, we will be focusing on the inspirational Mary Seacole. We will be learning about her life and what makes her so inspirational. The focus on Mary Seacole will also be embedded within our English lessons where we will develop our writing further through non-chronological reports. Science this half term will be focused upon ‘Everyday Materials’ all around us. We will plan and conduct our very own comparative test. In Maths, we will be focusing on place value and addition and subtraction within 20.


During Spring 2, there will be a geography focus ‘Jamaica vs England’ where we compare human and physical geographical features from the two countries. Linking closely with this is our seaside theme where we will be writing our own ‘seaside narrative’ with inspiration from ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson.  Across the year, we will be observing plants as part of ‘Seasonal Changes’, however during Spring 2 we will spend more time focusing upon plants, continuing to identify and name them but also learning about their basic structure. In maths we will be focusing on place value within 50 as well as learning about different forms of measurement.

What’s happening in the Summer term?

In the summer term, we start with a History focus ‘Moving through the Monarchs’ where we learn about important monarchs throughout history, such as King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. During Summer 1, we start our focus upon ‘Animals, including Humans’ in Science. We will be identifying, classifying and comparing a range of different animals. In maths we will be introducing multiplication, division and fractions.


During Summer 2 there will be a Geography focus, focusing on map skills. We will be visiting local Chadwick Dam to help us test out our skills. Our animal focus will remain in Science but we will also continue to observe more ‘Seasonal Changes’ occurring as the seasons change. In maths we will be focusing on place value within 100 and learning about money and time.