Nursery Class Home Learning Information

Nursery Home Learning Pack

Please click here to view the Nursery Learning Pack, this pack will be sent home if your child has to self isolate.

Nursery Daily Home Learning Expectations

At this age and stage of your child’s development, I do not expect them to be sat for very long on a learning task. I would try to ensure that learning is very active and physical.

I would try to complete one learning challenge, from the home learning grid, per day. The dancing, singing and putting on your own coat practise can be done every day if your child is happy to.

I have devised a timetable that you may find useful.

  • 9-10am – Family breakfast time – prepare breakfast together – talk about the foods you like and dislike. How are you preparing breakfast? Where does this food come from? Get dressed for the day. Can you get your clothes on all by yourself?
  • 10am – Complete a challenge from the learning grid. Show your child the learning grid, let them choose their task, let your child tick their challenge once completed, they will be encouraged by their achievement.
  • 10.30am – Play time. The children love our small word area. You can use anything in the home to create a fabulous story. We’ve has pegs for superheroes and boxes for castles! Have fun, be imaginative and allow your child’s imagination and creativity run wild.
  • 11.30am – Lunch – Allow your child to be involved in choosing and creating lunch. Every morning the school dinner children choose their lunch from menu, they really enjoy this, so it could be fun to give them options and allow them the ownership of their lunch. Allow them to help you prepare lunch, talk about the foods that you are preparing. Eat lunch together! Allow them to help clear the dishes and tidy up. Tidying up is a big part of our play time, the children enjoy carrying out small tasks like this and love the reward when they have done a great job.
  • 12.30pm – Outdoor time. Play in the garden rain or shine! Outdoor learning is very important at this age. We love exploring the outdoor world. We can learn so much from being in the environment without the children even knowing that they are learning. Count how many puddles you can jump in, how many leaves can you collect? Can you make shadow shapes?
  • 1.30 pm – Tech time – Purple mash is a great tool for your child. Log in with you given username and password on an iPad or PC and complete the set tasks or allow your child to explore mini mash.


Please click here to view an example Learning Grid


Additional resources

Please where possible can activities be tweeted or emailed to teachers. This will help everyone stay in touch and maintain some communication throughout this time.


If you need to contact the class teacher please email them at:

Miss Hadfield –