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Design Technology at Inspire

Here at Inspire Academy, Design and Technology lays at the forefront of creativity. The subject allows for the children to bring their ideas and designs to life using their ever-developing skills of creativity and problem solving. The inclusivity we hold at Inspire shines throughout, as children are encouraged to work not just individually but as part of a team. Throughout the topic, we expose the children to the wider world, we allow them to see how products have been developed over time and the importance designers and inventors have on influencing new products in today’s society. Children are given access to a range of materials and equipment that becomes more enhanced throughout their journey at school. The gradual development of materials and equipment throughout each year allows the children to acquire an understanding of healthy and safety, responsibility and quality control. Design and technology provides endless possibilities for the children to apply English, maths, science and computing in an alternative manner throughout each of the products they create. At Inspire, we thrive on allowing children a means to express their creativity; design and technology allows for children of all abilities to express themselves and bring the unique ideas of the individuals to life.

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