Our Team

As the Executive Principal of the Academy I am immensely proud that we have a strong team of dedicated staff who are there to teach and support the pupils during their time with us.

We have a team of staff in place to support our Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3  & Year 4 pupils.

Our Team

Mrs K Burns Executive Principal
Mrs L Byrne Associate Principal
Mrs R Booth Deputy Principal / EYFS & KS1 Lead

Mrs R Hadfield Nursery Teacher
Miss H Doyle Reception Teacher
Ms L Wrigley Reception Teacher
Mrs J Harvey Year 1 Teacher
Miss E Richards Year 1 Teacher / Assistant Principal SENCO
Miss S Shemeld Year 2 Teacher
Miss J Smith Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Longson Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Hepworth Year 3 Teacher/ Assistant Principal KS2 Lead
Mr K Connaghan Year 4 Teacher
Mr R Cummings Year 4 Teacher
Ms K Hewitt Teacher

Miss S Carmichael Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant
Miss H Clarke Teaching Assistant
Ms E Dickinson Teaching Assistant
Miss A Fowler Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Gage Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Hall Teaching Assistant
Mr R Le Duc Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Littlewood Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant / ASC Play Worker
Mrs S Lord Teaching Assistant
Miss C McBurnie Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Partington Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Shenton Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant / ASC Play Worker
Miss R Stallard Teaching Assistant
Miss A Tawiah Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant
Miss R Tiffany Teaching Assistant
Miss L Wray Teaching Assistant

Miss H Thomas Admin Officer
Mrs H Harris Admin Assistant
Mrs C Redford Admin Assistant

Mr J Woolley Site Manager
Mr K Johnston Caretaker
Miss J Kristofferson Cleaner
Miss K Fuller Cleaner / Midday Assistant
Miss C Howarth Cleaner / Midday Assistant

Mrs A Qureshi Midday Assistant
Mrs R Seale Midday Assistant
Miss S Turner Midday Assistant